HYDROGUARD HG 602 Amperometric Analayzer

Amperometric multi-parameter analyzer for water analysis and control

HG-602 is a reliable amperometric analyzer for reagentless measurements of residual Free chlorine in water samples.

HG-602 is a customized multi-parameter analyzer that allows choosing up to 6 different parameters in each system, as well as providing versatile chlorine measurement range for various applications.

Customized multi-parameter analyzer
Each HG-602 analyzer can measure up to 6 parameters – Free chlorine, pH, Temp, ORP, Conductivity and Turbidity- leading to major savings and eliminating the need to purchase separate analyzers.

Versatile measurement range for various applications
HG-602 analyzer can work with various residual chlorine electrodes, to allow versatile measurement range according to each application’s requirements and every customer’s need.

Communication and Control
HG-602 analyzer includes standard RS 485 digital output and up to 6 optional analog outputs. Each analyzer includes 6 built-in relays that can be used for control or alarm.

Quick Installation
HG-602 analyzer arrives fully assembled on a mounting board, and already includes pre-filtration and pressure regulator. Just connect it to feed and drain and start measuring.


Key Advantages
  • Reliability and accuracy
  • Reagent-less chlorine measurement
  • 0-5 or 0-10 ppm free chlorine measurement range
  • 5-200 ppm high free chlorine measurement range
  • Reliable wire or wireless communication
  • 0-100 NTU Turbidity measurement (Optional)
  • 0-5000 microS/cm Conductivity measurement (Optional)
  • 6 built-in relays and alarm options
  • Each analyzer can measure up to 6 parameters: Free Chlorine, pH, Temp, ORP, Conductivity and Turbidity