HYDROGUARD 702 Chlorine Analyzer

Accurate, reliable and low-maintenance

multi-parameter analyzer for water analysis

HG-702 is the most accurate and reliable colorimetric analyzer for measuring free or total, or both free and total residual chlorine in water.

HG-702 utilize the proven colorimetric DPD (N, N-diethyl-p-phenylenediamine) chemistry, which is the most accurate and reliable method for measuring chlorine in water.

Customized multi-parameter analyzer
Each HG-702 analyzer can measure up to 7 parameters: Free or/and Total Chlorine, pH, Temp, ORP, Conductivity and Turbidity, leading to a major savings and eliminate the need to purchase separate analyzers.

Customized cycle time and Low reagent usage
HG-702 low reagent usage (as low as 0.033 ml reagent per sample), together with its customized measurement cycle time (2-10 minutes), allows the analyzer to work unattended for up to 2 months.

Low maintenance
HG-702 utilize proprietary automatic mixing, bubble elimination, and self-cleaning mechanism of the colorimetric photo-cell before every reading. Self zero calibration before each reading allows accurate readings at varying water sources. Detailed maintenance reminders and alarms provide useful data on events, timing and causes, to enable efficient and quick response. Manual procedures such as periodic reagent replacement are easy to perform and do not require specialized skills.

Key Advantages
  • Outstanding performance and accuracy
  • 0-10 ppm chlorine measurement range
  • Low detection limit (10 ppb)
  • Low reagent use and customized cycle time (up to 2 months at 5 min. cycle time)
  • Self-zero calibration before each reading
  • Self-cleaning and bubble elimination mechanism
  • 6 built-in relays and alarm options
  • Each analyzer can measure up to 7 parameters

  • Chose HG-702 to reduce your Total Cost Of Ownership!