Blue I Water Technologies has developed cutting-edge technologies to serve its customers’ specific water monitoring needs. The company’s intellectual propertyincludes several approved and pending patents.

Pioneering Colorimetric Technology 

Blue I has pioneered a patented method of implementing colorimetric chlorine measurement that is reliable and simple to maintain over long periods of time. Blue I Water Technologies’colorimeter technology provides accurate online measurements and enables “0” reading even in challenging on-line applications.

TurbiPlus® Technology

Blue I’s TurbiPlus® technology has introduced a breakthrough method of water quality analysis, combining free and/or total chlorine with turbidity measurement on the same water sample in a single compact measuring cell.

Amperometric, Multi-Parameter Technology 

Blue I Water Technologies’ multi-parameter, amperometric technology offers versatile measurements options
in a single, compact unit.reading even in challenging on-line applications.

Revolutionary Electro-optic Technology 

Our revolutionary electro-optic technology combines familiar test strip technology with advanced electronics and
optical sensors. Providing online chemical balancing, it ensures environmental and personal safety with consistent measurement for critical water parameters.