Know where precision really counts: Critical locations for water analysis in smart municipal treatment systems

Water World (Volume 30, Issue 1)

New developments in water quality monitoring and analysis are now providing utilities with the technologies to operate fully integrated “smart” water supply systems. But how should systems plan an optimal network of smart analyzers that can provide all the data and precision that they need?

Blue I Water Technologies and Coca-Cola: Uncompromising Water Quality for Soft Drinks

The food and beverage industry must subscribe to the strictest standards of quality
throughout the entire process of product manufacturing in order to meet health and regulatory
standards, and to maintain consumer trust and market share. 
In the production of beverages, one of the most crucial procedures is ensuring the highest quality of the main ingredient:
Coca-Cola’s bottling plants in India comprise one of the company’s largest bottling operations worldwide,
and under Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd, the bottling system for India’s supply of Coca-Cola beverages
is committed to the company’s requirements for the highest quality of water in its products.