Israeli Tech Brings Clean Water Solutions to China’s Cities

Water contamination is a serious worldwide concern. Particularly in China, it is becoming an increasingly dangerous issue. Chemical waste and trash have already forced the government into extensive cleanups and legislating more stringent laws. But despite these efforts pollution continues unabated in many areas; just earlier this year thousands of pig carcasses were found floating in the Huangpu River, Shanghai’s main source of drinking water.

In the forefront of water quality analysis 

China’s Guangdong Province water company is currently in the process of installing 75 water analyzing and control units supplied by global water quality control systems providerBlue I Water Technologies, further increasing Blue I’s presence in the Chinese market. The units will accurately measure a range of parameters for municipal potable water, to ensure drinking water quality and disinfection. The contract to provide Blue I’s HydroGuard HG 702 analyzers won a competitive tender in which the company competed with other international industry players.

Blue I Water Technologies Expanding Global Operations: Effi Capital investing $3 million in the company

Blue I Water Technologies, provider of advanced water analysis and control solutions, continues to expand operations in South America, 

China, India, Europe, and the USA, with the backing of a $3 million strategic investment from Effi Capital group.