Smart Water Network Tender

Blue I Water Technologies is proud to have been selected by “Hagihon”, Jerusalem region and Israel’s largest water & wastewater utility company, to supply and install about 20  SMART NRG water quality analyzers, as part of an expansion project aimed at delivering better quality, and secure drinking water to the city’s ~1million residents.

These SMART NRG analyzers, to be deployed across various locations in the city, are set to deliver on-line analysis of up to 7 parameters, aggregated by a machine learning  system (licensed by “decision makers” LTD) providing predictive capabilities to warn operators ahead of water quality events and subsequent crisis.


Announcement of new distributor in Israel within the Pools and SPA segment

From 1.1.2019 YAGEL Pools is our exclusive distributor within the Pools and SPAs segment in Israel, YAGEL will distribute and provide technical support for all our products to pools and SPAs segment.

Due to their outstanding experience,  we are confident that YAGEL will support our customers in the search of the best-performance solution in the hectic pools and SPAs  segment.

Since 1975 YAGEL Pools is one of the  leading companies in the field of pools & SPAs, and the only one in its field that provides a full solution – design, construction, maintenance and remote control technologies.


SMART INSIGHT™ and SMART NRG™ network Setup at Mayanot Haamakim

The water utility company “Mayanot Haamakim”, which service 45K customers, initiated with Blue I a 19 SMART NEG™ analyzers installations which will be connected to the SMART INSIGHT™ in order to improve the water utility performance regarding quality and safety.

The SMART INSIGHT™ is a data analytics software that analyzes data gathered from water quality instrumentation in the field. The software uses machine learning technology (ML) and proprietary algorithms to analyze historical data to provide valuable alerts about water quality changes and potential water events.

Smart NRG™ in one of the installed locations

Testimonial: Laurie Lawrence Swim School Australia

Laurie Lawrence of Laurie Lawrence Swim School Australia praises the HG-302:

“I couldn’t be happier with Ozone Swim. It is absolutely Fantastic! Lots of swims this week, had a heavy load- the water has maintained its quality ALL THE TIME.…Large numbers- Pure Water, that is what I want and what my customers need .

I want my water clean and pure.”

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Smart Water Management Solutions at WATEC Israel 2017

WATEC Israel 2017 Has been a great opportunity to meet with key players and prospective partners in the global water industry.

Meeting with countless visitors from around the world and Prospective clients.

Thank you all for stopping by and Celebrating with us the Launch of the Smart Series.

View a presentation introducing our New Identity and Smart series.

Blue I Technologies Showcases Smart Water Monitoring Solution at the UN Israel Innovation Event

(September 28 2016 Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel) – Blue I Technologies, a leader in smart water analysis solutions presented its game-changing smart water analysis system at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, September 22 2016. The event was hosted by the Prime Minister of Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu, on the issue of ‘Israel Innovation and Technologies to Africa and Developing Countries’. At the event, a selected group water technology companies showcased their cutting-edge solutions to a distinguished delegation of politicians and decision makers.

Mr. Oren Blonder, former CEO of Blue I Technologies introduced Smart LEA, a unique solution that overcomes today’s challenges of integrating water analysis systems in vast remote areas and over-crowded cities. Smart LEA is a low energy smart water analyzer, providing an all-in-one, quality monitoring regardless of location and infrastructure. Integrating Smart LEA in any water network instantly improves network efficiency and cuts costs enabling a sustainable water infrastructure in any conditions.

Smart LEA’s combined functional features provide municipalities with reliable and continuous measurements, where it counts:

  • Battery operated, independent of power grid
  • Measures eight parameters of water quality and operation
  • Seamless installation, retro-fitted to existing pipeline without drilling or construction
  • Low power consumption and low water drainage
  • Durable and compact casing (IP67 certified)
  • Connects anywhere through its internal 3G modem
  • Real-time alerts to any device for immediate response

Integrated in water networks around the world, Smart LEA is a field-proven solution with which utilities and municipalities are able to enhance water security and operation efficiency while lowering costs across the board.

About Blue I Technologies

Blue I Water Technologies is a global provider of advanced controllers and analyzers for the water treatment market.  Blue I devices identify, quantify and analyze the chemical components of water and measure parameters such as chlorine, pH, redox, turbidity, conductivity and temperature. The company’s products operate at leading industrial and municipal factories around the world. Headquartered near Tel Aviv, Israel, Blue I Water Technologies is a privately-owned company, operating since 2003.

Blue I at WaterWorld

Off-grid multiparameter solution for monitoring station

The Smart LEA is a complete off-grid analyzer, IP67, and battery-operated that measures eight parameters online: Free or Total Chlorine, Turbidity, pH, Temperature, Conductivity, and ORP, as well pressure and flow. It includes an internal 3G modem that sends all the data to the cloud, and can operate on batteries for more than two years.

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The Smart LEA™ and other water quality analyzers & controllers will be on display at the Blue I booth – AWWA ACE 16 booth #336

White Paper Release: Reliable Monitoring for Water Quality in a Smart Water Network with a Low Energy Analyzer

Meticulous water quality monitoring and data-transmission at many strategic locations along the distribution network is key to the best results for both management and consumer.

But utilities and engineers are challenged by high costs of installing analyzers along the distribution route. They are faced with energy-efficiency requirements and maintenance costs for multiple devices in the network.

Addressing these challenges, Blue I Water Technologies has released a white paper on water quality monitoring in smart city water distribution networks and highlighting its solution for self-powered multi-parameter analysis.

Click to download the white paper: Reliable Monitoring for Water Quality in a Smart Water Distribution Network with a Low Energy Analyzer

The Smart LEA™ and other water quality analyzers & controllers will be on display at the Blue I booth – WATEC Israel 2015, Hall 1 Booth 38.