iPrizma Pool Control App

Just don’t drop your smartphone in the water!

The iPrizma app controls and monitors the pool’s chemistry on demand, even from the comfort of your living room.

iprizma screens-image-border30The iOS/Android application has been designed to communicate with and control Blue I’s PRIZMA® system that automatically diagnoses, monitors and balances chlorine and pH for private pools and spas.

Useful features include:

• One-step water quality tests
• Graphic history of water quality parameters
• Service reports from the PRIZMA® in real time
• Calculate pool volume
• Communication with the PRIZMA® using direct or home Wi-Fi networks
• Free download for iOS and Android devices
• Demo mode displaying functions

Pool professionals can manage an unlimited number of pools with the iPrizma and for pool and spa owners the app offers a hassle-free way to control, monitor and maintain the quality of the private pool or spa.

The free app can be downloaded from Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iOS).

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