Reliable Online Monitoring for Public and Private Pools & Spas

The HG-202 offers reliable online amperometric water quality analysis and control with built-in support for pH and temperature and optional free chlorine, ORP (redox) and turbidity.

Stable and reliable chlorine measurements are ensured with integrated pH and temperature compensation.

Unique management of the pool’s heat control saves the need for an external temperature controller.
Safety is guaranteed with two simultaneous chlorine dosing systems to ensure constant operation.

Integrated flow switch prevents chlorination or addition of chemicals when there is no flow, and a sealed sampling cell enables recycling of the sampled water into the pool to prevent waste.

The system interfaces with external equipment; includes up to 4  industry standard 4-20mA indication as well as 6 alarm relays.

Wireless communication option increases safety and allows for 24/7 remote alarm monitoring and control by the pool administrator, saving unnecessary maintenance. This real time information allows you to manage and monitor your pool conditions anytime, anywhere.

Quick & easy installation, seamless operation and minimal maintenance make the HYDROGUARD HG-202 an ideal tool for private and public pools and spas.  Around the world, the HYDROGUARD HG-202 provides our customers with peace of mind through reliability, simple operation, and long-term savings. 

Key Advantages