Online Secured Data-Center

SMART-NET enables our customers to connect water quality analyzers to central servers, allowing for remote access to data, as well as remote operation and maintenance of instruments in the field.


Software as a Service-We do the work for you:

  • The fastest and easiest way to connect: Our products work anywhere and immediately
  • Service: We guarantee a high level of service along with upgrades and ongoing maintenance.
  • Secured: We maintain high level of security
  • Affordable: No upfront costs
  • Scalable: Our system grows with your needs

Enterprise Software-We help, you do the work:

  • Your IT department installs Smart-Net software on your servers
  • Your IT department selects levels of service, installs upgrades and manages security according to your standards.
  • Pay for a software license fee, ongoing support and maintenance charges


1 – All communication between field devices and servers is encrypted.

2 – Data on the server is stored in MS-SQL server. All access to data is protected by standard Microsoft data security procedures.

3 – The server and database are accessed with separate usernames. The software translates the “external” username and password into an “internal” one which is unknown to the user. Accordingly, if unauthorized user gains access to the “external” username and password, the database remains secure.



  • Easily view multiple remote analyzers from one location. No complicated and expensive integration of analyzers, communication systems, and software is required.
  • Smart-NET offers extensive control of the Blue I Smart Series Analyzers from your control room. Changing settings, relay functions, thresholds and alarms is made easy.  
  • Smart-NET enables authorized representatives to provide online real-time assistance and troubleshooting to field operators, eliminating unnecessary site visits, increasing response time, saving time and money and optimizing operational efficiency.  
Key Advantages
  • GIS interface
  • View online data as lists, tables and graphs  
  • Download data in CSV/MS-Excel formats  
  • Amend parameter thresholds
  • Amend analyzer alarm settings
  • Update analyzer software
  • View reports advanced analytics with Blue I Smart Insights