Water Analyzer

Providing the most accurate water monitoring quality analyzer with minimal opeatal maintenance and cost effective, Smart ONE was developed to address the growing demands of today’s water networks.

Customized to each network’s needs, Smart ONE provides online monitoring of up to 8 quality and functional measurements, thus eliminating the need to procure and install separate analyzers. With its user-friendly interface and advanced software features, Smart ONE significantly reduces long-term maintenance costs while providing a complete management and control system. SMART ONE’s cutting edge proprietary technology features include automatic mixing, bubble elimination and self-cleaning chamber mechanism, making sure every quality reading is done with care to achieve the highest precision.

  • Multi-Measurement: Up to 8 parameters, including Free and/or Total Chlorine, Conductivity, Turbidity, pH, ORP and Temperature and pressure.
  • Extreme Accuracy: Colorimetric analysis of Free and Total chlorine by utilizing state of the art colorimetric technology.  
  • Touch Screen Interface: Smart ONE’s unique touch screen and intuitive user interface enables easy access to all menus and functions.  
  • Self-Sustained: Automatic self-zero calibration, self-cleaning and bubble elimination mechanism delivers pinpoint accuracy at every online measurement.  
  • Operational Efficiency: Through its unique reagent chamber, self-cleaning and remote maintenance Smart one requires reagent replacement only once every 2 months.  
  • Online and remote access: View parameter analytics, calibrate and identify quality issues from mobile or web view anytime, anywhere.
  • Applications: Ideal for surface water monitoring.
Key Advantages
  • High precision measurement (tested vs. lab equipment)  
  • Modular system, Up to 8 parameters in one device  
  • Best in breed in chlorine analysis  
  • Easy-to-use, advanced user interface
  • Self-sustained requiring low maintenance