Compact Amperometric Chlorine Analyzer

Accurate, reliable, compact, and cost-effective, SMART POD is the leading choice for amperometric chlorine measurements in municipal applications.

Compact footprint
Smart POD can measure up to 4 parameters, including free or total chlorine, pH, temperature and turbidity within its compact design. All sensors are designed within 278 X 188 X 130 mm (11.0 X 7.4 X 5.0 inch) IP65 casing, to allow for a minimal installation footprint.

Quick Installation
Simply mount the casing on the wall, connect the feed and drain and calibrate the sensors. With Smart POD, installation is straightforward and painless.

Connect Better, Know Better, Operate Better, Protect better
SMART POD can easily be connected to the Blue I online secured data-center via Ethernet, Wifi, GPRS or GSM, giving the operator full remote access to the measured data as well as to the analyzer’s operation and maintenance interface. When Smart POD is connected to the Blue I data-center, the operator can access real-time assistance and troubleshooting with an authorized representative, ensuring the best service possible and saving time, energy and money.



  • Outstanding performance and accuracy
  • Compatible to Blue I on-line secured data-center (SMART NET) via Ethernet, Wifi, GPRS or GSM, to enable continuous remote access to data and to the analyzer’s operation interface.
  • Chlorine and turbidity measurements available in a compact casing
  • Robust enclosure (IP65 rating) suitable for outdoor installations  
  • Internal data logger to secure all past data and ensure maximum availability
Key Advantages
  • Reliable, accurate, and low maintenance analyzer
  • Small footprint
  • Reagentless chlorine measurement
  • Plug-n-play installation and simple ongoing maintenance
  • Fully remote access to view data, as well as amend settings, thresholds, and alarms
  • Real-time and online assistance and troubleshooting with authorized representative
  • Reliable and robust chlorine measurement for municipal applications