Battery Operated Chlorine Analyzer

SMART NRG is a battery operated water quality monitoring station that can be installed anywhere along the water distribution network.

Measure where it Counts. Anywhere, Anytime
Measuring along the distribution network is more challenging than within production sites because infrastructure elements such as power, communication, buildings and drains are typically not present. With a robust casing (IP67), battery operation and compact footprint, the SMART NRG allows for easy measurement along the distribution network, learning chlorine behavior and residuals, monitoring the efficiency of disinfection processes, tracking flushing activities and most importantly, detecting water quality events in real-time.

Reduce the Cost of Monitoring Station Infrastructure in Urban Areas and Remote Locations
Battery operation, an IP67 casing and a built-in communication modem allow the SMART NRG to be installed anywhere along the water distribution network. Whether it’s in urban areas or remote and isolated locations, the SMART NRG does not require any infrastructure preparation, saving time and reducing costs. All that is needed is 1/4 inch feed tube and 1/4 inch drain.

Customized Multi-Parameter Analyzer for Water Quality, Pressure and Flow
Each SMART NRG analyzer can measure up to 6 water quality parameters, including free or total chlorine, pH, temperature, ORP, conductivity and turbidity as well as 2 operational parameters, including pressure and flow. High and low limits can be determined for each parameter, and alerts can automatically be sent to engineers and operators whenever there is deviation from those limits.

Connect Better, Know Better, Operate Better, Protect better
SMART NRG includes an internal data logger, as well as an internal 3G modem for 2-way communication. It can easily be connected to secured data-center offering the operator full remote access to the measured data as well as to the analyzer’s operation and maintenance interface. When SMART NRG is connected to the the data-center, the operator can access real-time assistance and troubleshooting with an authorized representative, ensuring the best service possible and saving time, energy and money.


  • Battery operated; eliminates need for grid connection
  • Built-in 3G modem and data logger
  • Robust casing with IP65 rating; installed anywhere  
  • Minimal drain flow rate to reduce waste of water
  • Multi-parameter approach and smart analytics
  • Fully remote access to view data, as well as amend settings, thresholds, and alarms
  • Real-time and online assistance and troubleshooting with authorized representative
Key Advantages
  • Reliable and robust water quality analyzer for water distribution network
  • Multi-parameters analysis
  • Plug-n-play installation and simple ongoing maintenance
  • Reagentless chlorine measurement
  • Efficient disinfection monitoring
  • Alerts residual chlorine and turbidity levels
  • Decreases false alarm rates for water quality events (multi-parameter approach and analytics(
  • Helps manage municipal assets more efficiently
  • Reduces municipal expenses and maintains public safety