Smart EDGE

Amperometric Chlorine Analyzer

Accuracy, reliability and a simple-to-use interface make SMART EDGE the optimal choice for amperometric chlorine measurements in municipal and industrial applications.

Customized Multi-Parameter Analyzer
Each Smart EDGE analyzer can measure up to 6 parameters, including free or total chlorine, pH, temp, ORP, conductivity and turbidity, leading to major savings and eliminating the need to purchase separate analyzers.

Versatile Measurement Range for Various Applications
Smart EDGE can work with a variety of residual chlorine electrodes, allowing for a versatile measurement range according to the requirements of the application and the customer.

Advanced User Interface with Intuitive and Friendly Menu
Smart EDGE’s user interface and menu (is the menu part of the UI?) is the most advanced available in the market. Actions such as turning parameters on and off, defining thresholds and alerts, connecting 4-20 mAmp outputs and adjusting relays, once complicated, have been simplified for non-technical staff. Viewing data on tables or graphs can easily be accomplished on-site, allowing anyone to benefit from the system’s advanced capabilities.

Connect Better, Know Better, Operate Better, Protect better
SMART EDGE can easily be connected to the Blue I online secured data-center via Ethernet, Wifi, GPRS or GSM, giving the operator full remote access to the measured data as well as to the analyzer’s operation and maintenance interface. When Smart EDGE is connected to the Blue I data-center, the operator can access real-time assistance and troubleshooting with an authorized representative, ensuring the best service possible and saving time, energy and money.

  • Multi-parameter analysis of up to 6 parameters, including free or total chlorine, pH, temp, ORP, conductivity and turbidity.
  • Compatible to Blue I on-line secured data-center (Smart NET) via Ethernet, Wifi, GPRS or GSM, to enable continuous remote access to data and to the analyzer’s operation interface.  
  • Touch Screen Interface: SMART EDGE’s unique touch screen and intuitive user interface enables easy access to all menus and functions, as well as to view past data and graphs on site    
  • Internal data logger to secure all past data and ensure maximum availability
  • Robust enclosure (IP65 rating) suitable for outdoor installations
  • Versatile measurement range for various applications
Key Advantages
  • Reliable, accurate, and low maintenance analyzer
  • Multi-parameter analysis
  • Reagentless chlorine measurement
  • Plug-n-play installation and simple ongoing maintenance
  • Flexible architecture enables customers to add more parameters when needed at minimal cost.
  • Fully remote access to view data, as well as to amend settings, thresholds, and alarms
  • Real-time and online assistance and troubleshooting with authorized representatives
  • Reliable and robust chlorine measurement for municipal and industrial applications