Smart POOL

This state-of-the-art device instantly picks up imbalances in the chemical levels,
correcting them as needed.
• Desired levels are achieved, monitored and maintained automatically – 24/7.
• No more inaccurate measurements and unnecessary pool cleanings.
• No more chemical mishaps or tedious work.
• Just clean, clear water all day, every day.

Having a pool is one thing. Enjoying continuously safe water is another.
The Prizma Difference: A New Era
The core of the Prizma system is a cassette containing hundreds of pH and
chlorine test strips. Several times a day, the water is automatically tested to
make sure the optimal chemical balance is maintained. Any imbalance is
corrected as the system automatically activates the chlorine or pH feeder. This
cutting-edge technology means the end of manual-testing and imprecise results
and the beginning of a new era in private pool maintenance. Unlike other
outdated, hand-operated devices, Prizma is uninterrupted, automatic and highly

It is undoubtedly the future in pool water care.
The perfect Private Pool Solution
For your family’s health: Safe for eyes and body
For the environment: Eco-friendly, conserves energy and water
For you: Automatic, easy to use, no hassle, no maintenance

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  • Unique, patent pending solution
  • Innovative electro-optic technology
  • Tests water at the source
  • Ensures top quality water
  • Data immediately sent to chemical feeder
  • Accurate, continuous monitoring and control of the chemical balance
  • Automatic setting and timing: can be set at two, four and eight hours intervals
  • Seamless operation: compatible and easily integrated with pool systems
Key Advantages
  • Cost effective: reduces chemical usage and maintenance fees
  • Environmentally friendly: eco-conscious and energy saving
  • Healthy and Safe: Prevents chemical over-dosing, which is unhealthy for you and your family