Sensational Water Theater to Keep Sparkle with Blue I Technology

HG-302 installation-white borderChina’s latest spectacular landmark, the Han Show Theater in Wuhan, comprising a 1,200-square-meter water stage, has chosen an online water quality monitoring technology from Blue I Water Technologies to maintain the sparkle of its water feature.

The huge water stage of the Han Show Theater, now counting down for its first show in December 2014, is filled with over 10 million liters of water, at a depth of 8.5 meters. To ensure it is consistently clean and clear, to prevent algae, odors and other health hazards, and in order to maintain a temperature of 30°C, the water’s chemistry and temperature require continuous monitoring. The theater, on the Donghu Lake in the capital of China’s Hubei province, has installed Blue I’s HYDROGUARD HG-302 online analyzer to monitor its stage’s water parameters – including free chlorine, pH, ORP (redox) and temperature.

Blue I Water Technologies Chief Representative for China, Cecilia Cheng (鄭珊珊), said that China’s recreational water as well as potable water projects are becoming more and more aware of the need for smarter automated water quality monitoring systems. “As water-intensive projects increase in the region and existing facilities are upgrading water quality assurance, more enterprises are turning to Blue I’s multi-parameter monitoring technologies to handle their quality analysis and control,” Cheng explained.

The company’s customers in China are primarily installing its colorimetric systems to reduce long-term maintenance costs, to achieve more accurate analysis results and to enhance operations with real-time reports and alarms.

Blue I Water Technologies develops and offers water quality analysis and control technologies for industrial, municipal and private facilities, including commercial and private pools; food and beverage process water; cooling towers; and municipal water distribution networks.

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