Blue I Water Technologies provides a wide range of innovative water quality solutions for municipalities and industrial facilities in various applications.


Concerned with water scarcity, reliability and security, Blue I provides a state of the art and innovative water quality management solutions for water distribution networks.

Smart Analyzers – Blue I smart series of analyzers provides state of the art technologies for colorimetric and amperometric chlorine measurements and multi-parameter analysis. All analyzers can easily be connected to the Blue I online secured data-center (Smart NET) via Ethernet, Wifi, GPRS or GSM, giving the operator full remote access to the measured data as well as to the analyzer’s operation and maintenance interface.

Smart ONE – The optimal choice for colorimetric (DPD) chlorine measurements and multi-parameter analysis.

Smart EDGE – The optimal choice for amperometric chlorine measurements and multi-parameter analysis.

Smart NRG – The only choice for remote locations and urban areas with no access to electricity. Smart NRG is a battery operated water quality monitoring station that can be installed anywhere along the water distribution network.

Smart POD – The leading choice for compact amperometric chlorine measurements in municipal applications.

Smart NET – All analyzers can easily be connected to the Blue I online secured data-center (Smart NET) via Ethernet, Wifi, GPRS or GSM, allowing for remote access to data, as well as remote operation and maintenance of instruments in the field.

Smart INSIGHTS – Smart INSIGHTS is a data analytics software that helps water utility managers, engineers and operators make decisions faster and with fewer mistakes, ensuring public safety, reducing costs and improving service. Smart INSIGHTS analyzes data from water quality instrumentation in the field. The software provides insights and alerts about significant changes in water quality and potential pollution, as well as operational insights such as functionality of instrumentation and communication systems and on-going calibration requirements.

Water Treatment plants use online analyzers to monitor and control treatment processes. Controlling the levels of different parameters can make treatment processes more reliable and cost effective.

  • Blue I provides modular multi parameter analyzers tailored to our client’s needs, by provide valuable real time data we turn any water treatment plant into a Smart water treatment facility enhancing operation and lowering costs.

Smart Series:


Companies producing industrial chemicals basically convert raw material (oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals) into thousands of different products that are used in different industries such as consumer goods, agriculture, manufacturing and construction. Safety process and environmental protection is a standard requirement today in chemical industries. Diverse production activities involve water and wastewater treatment, targeting to optimize the total management of the water cycle, reduce related costs and improve the environmental and plants safety.
Blue I Water Technologies provides a variety of water monitors and controllers for the chemicals industry that accurately measure wide range of parameters:

Smart Series:



In the food and beverage industry there is a high demand for hygiene and water treatment in order to maintain high quality end product standards and prolong shelf life. Industrial food and beverage facilities test impurities in their production water and verify the efficiency of sterilization solutions to ensure that all process water consumed remains suitable for use in their production processes.
Beverage manufacturers and processors face unique challenges in the area of water treatment. Water sources, disinfection processes and treatment residuals can affect the taste and quality of the final product. Soft drink production starts with a pure source of water. Drinking water often includes trace amounts of various ions that alter its taste. Bottlers use filtering and other treatment equipment to remove residual impurities and standardize the water used to make soft drinks.
Fresh products facilities face significant financial losses due to decay as fresh produce from producer to consumer. Organisms that are prevalent in the fields where produce is grown can spread during and after harvest through subsequent handling. Therefore, sanitizers are typically added to fruits and vegetables to reduce the likelihood if organism infection.
Blue I Water Technologies provides variety of water monitors and controllers for the food and beverage industry that accurately measure wide range of parameters:

Smart Series:


Potable water is water of sufficiently high quality that can be consumed or used with no risk of immediate or long term harm. Water may be naturally potable, as is the case with springs, or it may need to be treated in order to be safe. Guarantying drinking-water safety is a foundation for the prevention and control of waterborne diseases. Thus, disinfection of drinking-water is often required. Furthermore large amounts of chemicals, produced in industries, find their way into the water system. As a result, most water requires monitoring and treatment before use in order to be suitable for drinking.

Blue I Water Technologies provides variety of water monitors and controllers for the potable water market that accurately measure wide range of parameters to ensure drinking water quality:

Smart series:


It combines the most accurate techniques: the multi-angle nephelometry white light (90°) turbidity measurement and the colorimetric DPD (N,N-diethyl-p-phenylenediamine) chemistry measuring free and/or total residual chlorine.

Smart Series:


  • HG 602

Cooling water systems are integral part of many industrial operations. Process waste heat is transferred to the atmosphere in cooling towers that cool the circulating water, which are used in oil refineries, chemical plants, power stations and more. When left uncontrolled, corrosion, scaling and fouling may lead to unscheduled maintenance and turnarounds, production bottlenecks, and significant operation expenses. Furthermore, without effective processes and treatment to control microbial growth, businesses may expose their employees and community to health risks.

Smart Series:


Desalination produces drinking water suitable for human consumption by removing salts and other impurities from seawater or salty water. Desalination processes may include several methods. Reverse osmosis is used by pushing seawater through a membrane that filters it through a microscopic strainer. Thermal distillation is applied by boiling salty water and collecting purified steam. Alternatively electrodialysis, where chemical components of salts are separated through electrolysis, can be applied. Chlorination is applied to remove and avoid micro-organism. Since chlorine may damage the RO membrane, it is imperative to continuously monitor the water. Blue I Water Technologies colorimetric analyzers provide continuous, high accuracy and resolution, with faster response time to changes in chlorine levels.

Smart Series:



Dialysis treatment is designed to replace a lost kidney function in people with renal failure through diffusion (waste removal) and ultra filtration (fluid removal). Dialysis systems use purified water and back-up systems that must provide water of an utmost quality.  As such, water treatment systems used in dialysis are a critical factor in the overall care received by dialysis patients, posing one of the greatest hazards to the patients if case they are not treated properly. Water purification systems combine media filtration, reverse osmosis, and ultra filtration.

Smart Series:


Swimming Pools

Swimming pool sanitation is essential in order to ensure healthy conditions in recreational water venues and to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. Disinfection is critical to avoid pathogens, and is best managed through routine monitoring and maintenance of chemical feed equipment. Water quality parameters such as chlorine and bromine levels should be monitored and controlled on a regular basis to ensure optimum chemical levels in accordance with state and local regulations. Proper maintenance of swimming pools chemicals is critical for the swimmers’ safety. Blue I Water Technologies provides innovative water quality controllers for  public pools and spas

HG 202

HG 302


Revolutionary Automatic Chemical Monitoring and Balancing for Private Pools & Spas

The Smart Prizma continuously measures the ongoing balance of chlorine and of pH in your pool, making sure levels remain safe and healthy.

This state of the art device instantly picks up imbalances in the chemical levels, correcting them as needed.

The perfect private pool Solution:

  • Protect Better: ensures your family’s health – safe for eyes and body, Prevents chemical overdosing and under-dosing
  • Operate Better: Plug & Play, Cost-effective operation and automatic calibration require minimized maintenance periods, reducing work load and saving unnecessary pool maintenance.
  • Know Better: Get insights to your mobile device by managing your pool through the new iPrizma App

Smart Prizma



Automatic Chemical Monitoring and Balancing for Jewish MIKVEH

If your MIKVEH is not properly maintained it can turn into a breeding ground for bacteria, parasites, viruses (and algae.

SMART MIKVEH is the best solution to keep your MIKVEH safe and Healty.