The Post Harvest Washing Case Study

The Application

Water used in CocaCola products follows a strict treatWater used in CocaCola products follows a strict treatment process for adjusting the water chemistry before the bottling process. Chlorine addition ensures that water remains safe and clean; however it must be fully removed before the bottling phase, using activated carbon. Water must be constantly monitored to verify that chlorine has been fully removed and that water quality is adequate.
quality is adequate.

The Challenges

  • Measurements of free and/or total chlorine with high resolution
  • (0.01ppm) and accuracy as well as short measurements delay
  • Many analyzers that were tested for this application did not provide the required resolution of better than 0.1ppm and many had very poor accuracy in this low range. Furthermore, a long measurement delay was problematic as well.
  • Identify zero chlorine levels before bottling process
  • For post carbon filter (GAC) chlorine measurements
  • For pre RO chlorine measurements

Blue I Solution

Blue I’s HYDROGUARD HG-702 is a Multi-parameter water quality analyze, which is based on DPD colorimetric method. Providing the best accuracy and resolution in the low chlorine range, with a fast response time and an excellent correlation with Lab results, the HG-702 is already installed in multiple Coca Cola bottling facilities in Israel, Brazil and South Africa, bringing lab accuracy to online measurements:

  • Zero reading of Total Chlorine after Activated Carbon After the Activated Carbon filtatrion, the water must be constantly monitored in order to confirm that all the chlorine has been removed. HG 702 accurate measurements, especially zero reading, indicates the activated carbon filter status and enables better scheduling of the maintenance periods, saving maintenance expeses
  • Zero reading of Total Chlorine Before the RO membrane All chlorine must be removed before the Reverse Osmossis process, in order to prolong the membrane lifetime. HG 702 Total Chlorine zero measurement ensures the RO membrance safety, extending the membrance replacement periods.
  • Water Quality Assuerance Before Bottling The treated water, which are ready for the use, are kept in a dedicated container for a short period of time. The HG 702 ensures the “coca Cola certified” water quality by constant monitioring of Total Chlorine, Conductivity and pH levels.


The water used in Coca Cola products follow a strict treatment process which includes the addition of chlorine, adjustment of the water chemistry and additional filtration. To prevent the products from having any after taste effects from the chlorine, all the chlorine must be removed using activated carbon. The Blue I analyzer has proved the best accuracy and resolution in the low chlorine range, with a fast response time and a great correlation with Lab results.