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Pioneering Colorimetric Technology – Bringing Lab accuracy to Online Chlorine Measurements

Blue I Water Technologies has pioneered a patented method of implementing colorimetric chlorine measurement that is reliable and simple to maintain over long periods of time. Blue I’s “Measuring Cell” patent facilitates more accurate spectrophotometric measuring with homogeneous reagent mixing and hands-free cleaning for the measuring cell.

Click here to view a demo of the unique measurement process in Blue I’s colorimetric measuring cell.

The patented technology includes:

  • ARM™ – active reagent mixer enabling rapid uniformity of color and yielding a homogenized solution and
    a cleaner quartz glass
  • ASC™ – automatic self cleaning that mechanically cleans the quartz glass, before and after each measurement
    as well of automatic zero calibration after each measurement. Self cleaning and auto calibration ensure high
    precision and consistent online measurements which are proven over time,  yield “0” reading for unique online
    applications and excel even challenging environments, such as Colored water, Oily water, Sea water and High
    temperature. Furthermore, the  self cleaning and calibration save maintenance labor and expenses.

Blue I Water Technologies’ colorimeter technology provides municipal and industrial facilities with accurate online
measurement and enables “0” reading even in challenging on-line applications.
The technology is implemented in a range of HYDROGUARD products:

  • HYDROGUARD  HG 702 – An online, colorimeter-based analyzer providing flexible multi parameter measurement
    including Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Conductivity, Turbidity, pH, ORP, Temperature and Flow.
  • HYDROGUARD  HG 702 TurbiPlus – The revolutionary new TurbiPlus sensor for online turbidity and chlorine
    measurement is integrated into Blue I’s multi-parameter HYDROGUARD HG-702.
    Click here to view a demo of the TurbiPlus technology.
    The TurbiPlus sensor saves you the expense and maintenance of an additional turbidity meter.
  • HYDROGUARD  HG 302 – Blue I’s online, patented, colorimeter technology, providing a complete solution for public & private swimming pools and spas,  including free and total colorimetric chlorine monitoring, as well as turbidity, pH, ORP, temperature, flow and free bromine measurement. Click here for the technology demo.