Water Quality Goes Social in China

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A recent installation of Blue I Water TechnologiesHYDROGUARD analyzers at dozens of public swimming pools in the Beijing area, will soon be hooked up with a Chinese project to provide water quality data to the public via social networks.
Hundreds of Blue I’s HYDROGUARD online water quality analyzers have been purchased for the Chinese market over recent months, among them ninety HYDROGUARD HG-302 analyzers for public swimming pools, ordered by the Beijing Sanitation Bureau. Now the Bureau has announced a new project that will gather water quality data from swimming pools, such as those using the HG-302, and make the information available to the public via the WeChat app.
WeChat is China’s largest online messaging platform with more than 400 million daily active users.
“The HYDROGUARD’s data communication capabilities are constantly updated to be compatible with the evolving forms of data collection and sharing,” explained Cecilia Cheng (鄭珊珊), Blue I’s Chief Representative for China. “The Beijing public will be able to see the quality of water in their swimming pools, like the levels of pH, chlorine and temperature, and make informed decisions on where it is safer and healthier to swim. What we know for sure is that in all those locations where the HYDROGUARD will provide the data for the WeChat app, the public can be certain that the information is accurate and reliable.”
“We are excited to see that Blue I’s water monitoring products are providing reliable service for many of the Beijing area’s public swimming pools to ensure a healthy environment for swimmers,” added Blue I’s CEO, Jacob Azran. “We are dedicated to providing solutions that support healthy conditions in recreational water venues and welcome the Beijing Sanitation Bureau’s initiative to provide its public with this sort of important water quality data.”
The HG-302 is Blue I’s flagship instrument for public and commercial swimming pools. This online water analyzer and controller secures accurate pool chemistry measurements, preventing chemical under- or overdosing and ensures environmental and personal safety according to local regulations. It uses a pioneering colorimeter technology for chlorine analysis. The measuring cell is automatically cleaned between measurements and automatically calibrated to zero. Accurate readings and automatic calibration minimize maintenance and reduce reagent usage. The unit’s extensive external communication features include wireless communication for remote monitoring, control and alarm display. Bidirectional communication enables remote setup and multiple interfaces for alarm relays.

August 2014

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